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Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
headquarters. >> oaklandyip tribune reports 15 homicides so far in the city this year. includez+-hájnlÑ in self-defense. they have number at 111 whatever the number many say has to stop. after six homicides in five days oakland coach and community act strift says he's seen enough. >> kids just dying every day, no reason. it's 225 murders in two years, too many kids. >> according to the police department there has been 111f[. that is eight greater than all last year. &mkdour period over the saturday morning a young mother was found shot to death in her apartment. later that morning a 19-year-old man killed on the 5700 block of san pablo avenue, sunday morning 6:00 a.m. two women were shot and killed in east oakland. >> unfortunately we did have several homicides this last weekend whachl we can tell you is that none of them appeared to be related to each other. >> police officers association blamesúóú1 the spike to offer y at staffing levels. 640 officers on the street in oakland. 200 fewer than in 2008. walker wants the leadership and mayor to do more. >> she's been trying to watch and be aw
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
women don't fall into the categories yet, three cities are now said to have different rates than the average. researchers also found parts of contra costa, napa, solano, santa clara and san mateo counties had 10% to 20% higher rates. project relied on data from california cancer registry, looking at cases from 2000, to 2008. she was involved in the project. barlow says it could lead to further research. >> you know, we're in the district. >> rica lives in half moon bay, making the list of the area was higher rates. she was diagnosed six years ago. >> when woe see certain areas have risks it leads to us ask why? >> having a lot of breast tissue is associated with higher risk of breast cancer, dense breast tissue and a tumor appear white. so doctors have to notify women in whiting -- writing if they have high density. the law goes into affect april 1, 2013. dan? >> yes. thank you. >> coming up here next michael finney with the high tech gift that can't keep up with demands this holiday season. >> also, a sheriff goes back to school to tackle a serious subject. parents concerns over
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
of the city but critics say this crack live tonight with the story. carolyn. >> that is right. the ban passed narrowly. i want to you listen to back and forth with the supervisors before that vote. >> we do live in a time of limited resources when it comes to what is the best, most effective way of using limb yaited resources not that enforcing nudity laws is not important. but on the scale of how important it is relative to violent crime, i think at the focus shovedding violent crime. >> when we surrender basic rights, citywide, that what is next? i do have x.that question what. piercing? tattooing? or yellow hair? what? >> i don't agree havingkv[÷ yelw hair is the same as exposing your penis at a busy street corner for hours and hours, for everyone to watch as they go by. i just don't agree with that comparison. >> and supervisor weiner got his way. then, as you can see, all hell broke loose in the chamber, several people in the audience jumped up and began taking their clothes off, they say there is a distinction between being nude and lewd. and that this ban tramples on their first amend
Nov 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
will distribute more than 200,000 toys to 40,000 kids throughout the city. >> workers have been putting finishing touches on the stage for a tree lighting in union square. the holiday program kicks off students from the school of the arts and singe÷2ó among performances. the tree will be lit at the end of the ceremony about 6:40 and has 33,000 energy efficient lights. >> it is fan activityic weather. >> yes. looks like it's going to remain this way throughout the weekend. looking at western skies in the glow of sunset which occurred i should say, after glow occurring at 4:53 p.m. today. cloud free skies you can see there. so we've got pleasant conditions, clear skies and cooler overnight tonight. sunny, mild tomorrow, gradual ykkóc rainy pattern settles in that may last into the weekend. chilly in the north bay valleys. lows in upper 30s. 39 in fairfield. the central valleys to the delta into some interior valleys here. lows into mid to upper 40s tonight. this is our radar image showing a large ridge dominating weather now bringing us clear skies. no disturbances coming our way. at 7:00 this
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
. to the left coming towards city. it's backed up. you're looking at 680 near the benicia bridge. 5.4 million californians plan to travel 50 miles or moreover long thanksgiving weekend. traffic at airports is heavy. but so far, there have been no major delays. weather is cooperating, that helps. sfo expecting 140 p.o.w. passengers flying out of san francisco during the holiday period. >> travelers heading through three of the busiest airports ran into problems today. a labor dispute that snarled traffic this afternoon. members marched in protest of a skigs to break a contract with workers. dozens were arrested for refusing to leave. fog cau chicago two airports. 90 flights cancelled and 400 delayed in owe haifr and midway. a live map showing thousand things are going at airports, you can see if you look there are dots everywhere meaning no significant delays for anyone. if you're flying some or picking someone up, check out abc 7 flight tracker before you leave. you'll find the latest and look up the waitn#z9 times thats a flight tracker at the bottom of the home page. >> folks decid
Nov 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
two 0 other murders in oakland saturday. the city is dealing with 115 homicide homicides'ize year. >> a gunman forced the evacuation of a apartment building. richard johnson was suicidal and barricaded himself inside his apartment with a shotgun after physically assaulting his girlfriend this morning. he she was able to getway and all police. s.w.a.t. officers responsibled and started negotiations and he surrendered seven hours late. >> an accident killed two children on highway 50 in the town of camino. the chp says a westbound toyota prius driven bay san francisco man crossed four lanes of traffic and was hit head on by a minivan driving in the opposite direction. the driver and two passengers in the prius and a girl the mine any van died two others were taken to hospitals. twin one-year-old boys riding in the van were unharmed. >> a hit-and-run in san mateo claimed the life of a man who was waiting for a bus. he was standing behind a concrete garbage can when the driver of a speeding camaro lost control of the car and smashed into the trash can. the man was pinned between the c
Nov 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
and is in stable condition. in the earlier case a daly city man suffered two gunshots wounds. he is expected to recover. >>> this turned out to be a sad day for folks with cars parked in an oakland neighborhood. crooks broke into half a dozen vehicles near lake merritt. one man lost his laptop and gps navigation system and baby seat and toolbox. >> everyday it happens. everyday a car is broken in. every single day. >> and to make matters worst. he had to wait for the insurance company. >> and the controversy over who will be the starting quarterback. fans are talking to bernard. >> getting ready to play the saints. >> 49ers made no promises at san francisco news conference, who will be the starting quarterback in sunday's game against the saints. >> no decision has been made. we're hopeful that alex gets cleared tomorrow physically. we're confident in both quarterbacks to be on the field. >> but sports it straight is reporting cleared or not, alex smith will not start sunday's game. instead colin kaepernick will be the star after an impressive show against the bears. >> colin has pretty simi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7